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Poetry Online

Self-Portrait as Diana Rigg One-Liner

SWWIM Every Day, Fall 2023

The Knock

Baltimore Review, Fall 2021

Big Sur

Zone 3 Press, Fall 2019

4:42 p.m EST

Rebecca Foust’s Poetry Sunday Column, April 2018

Desdemona Club

Shenandoah, March 2014


Verse Daily, November 2013


Blue Fifth Review, March 2013


TriQuarterly, July 2011

Dancing the Beans

TriQuarterly, July 2011

Aine and the Earl of Desmond

AGNI Online, July 2009

The Point of Contact Recedes Indefinitely

Melusine, Fall 2009

Interview with Neshama Franklin on Marin Poets Live

June, 2014

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